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About Our Company

Serving our customers since 1983 with a complete line of all geosynthetic materials. We are committed to providing our clients with cost effective and sound solutions to their specific needs.

  • California certified DBE Micro business #2002853
  • Technical expertise.
  • Environmentally conscience with a complete line of biodegradable products.
  • Complete line of sediment control products

  • Soil stabilization
  • Geoweb
  • Georunner
  • Cellular confinement
  • Load support slopes
  • Channels retaining walls
  • Transition
  • Support excavations
  • Repair existing retaining walls
  • stabilizing slopes and landslides
  • limiting ground settlement
  • providing earth retention systems for deep excavations
  • technical feasibility and easy access to the work area
  • Porous pavements
  • Geoblock
  • Porous Grass
  • Pavements
  • Geopave
  • Porous Aggregate
  • Pavements
  • Construction mats
  • Geoterra
  • Construction Mats
  • Georunner
  • Landscape Turf
  • Protection
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As well as offering our Erosion Control & Geotextile Supplies to our customers on the Central Coast of California,

we have multiple warehouses and can deliver anywhere throughout the United States.


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